We are a family owned Fish & Chips Take Away place in heart of Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn in North Iceland is a geological wonderland which has been sculpted by volcanic eruptions over thousands of years. It is one of the largest lakes in Iceland. Myvatn is known for endless of attractions and activities. The variety in the landscape in this part of Iceland is magnificent. In Lake Myvatn you can find volcanic craters, geothermal areas, hot springs and everything in between.

Secret Family recipe

The best material available

We have the best fish that comes from one of Iceland ́s top fishing vessels that has been awarded for exceptional quality.


We make our Tartar and Family sauce every day.

100% Natural

We use Olitalia oil from Italy for all our cusine.

 It is  100% free from palm oil, made from sunflower seeds rich in oleic acid (80%)  with added antioxidants.

Our Menu

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